Sunday, May 19, 2019

South Florida is an event town. We like what’s new and trendy. Now it’s time to see if we are a hockey town…again.The last time we were obsessed with hockey was 16 years ago when a young franchise took everyone by storm by going on a memorable playoff run, winning the Eastern Conference Championship and losing the Stanley Cup.

The year of the rat was exciting, but felt very much like the Marlins 1997 World Championship team, where they fell flat the following season, deflating any chance of building a hockey fan club.

This season’s Panthers are something to root for. They were slapped together in one off-season making them gel together almost like magic. There is no superstar on the team and they earn every goal the hard way.  But in sports, the best team doesn’t always win.

South Florida is always judged for being bandwagon sports fans and to some extent, we are. Time to step up and root for our home team. They are as an exciting of a team as you can get, in a sport where you can’t blink for a second or you will miss the whole game.

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