Tuesday, July 16, 2019

What veterans need: Resilient leaders integrating back into life

The information presented is simple and straightforward in tone, despite the heaviness of the information.

“You know, three of my friends killed themselves,” he said with the same straightforward manner as someone putting together a grocery list. It’s the surgical tone someone adopts after coming to process the difficulties of war, and more so, the challenges that come afterwards when it’s time to acclimate to regular life.

Those lost veterans – one of out 20 who kill themselves every day, a startling figure – struggle to find the resources and support of likeminded people and logistical necessities, like benefits or employment.

United Way is an organization prepared to facilitate the requisite resources our servicemen and women need when returning to life as a civilian. MISSION UNITED, a critical program supporting United States military veterans and their families as they return to civilian life, provides these services at no cost. 

Here are 4 vital services available right now to help.


Employment services

MISSION UNITED links qualified veterans to employer partners. Veterans learn skills that set them apart.  MISSION UNITED can help put them toward a rewarding career.

  • Learn targeted networking, resume writing and interviewing skills
  • Target how to succeed in the civilian workforce
  • Help employers discover the value of hiring veterans
  • Connect veterans with job opportunities


MISSION UNITED helps veterans access Healthcare After Active Duty

  • Learn about your VA eligibility and enrollment
  • Navigate the civilian healthcare system



MISSION UNITED  connects Student Veterans with Respectful and Trustworthy Mentors.

  • Provide veteran mentees with a sounding board, role model, and trusted friend
  • Veteran and non-veteran mentors share professional and personal ‘lessons learned’ with mentees
  • Strengthen mentee’s support network and builds competence and confidence
  • Mentee drives the selection process in choosing their mentor

The MISSION UNITED mentoring program offers Broward County student veterans the opportunity to select a mentor they believe is best suited to help with everyday challenges and their professional development.  For example, select from veteran mentors who share post 9/11 service and GI benefits experience or a mentor who matches your life interests and career goals.

Having a mentor:

  • Empowers personal and professional life transitions
  • Offers opportunities
  • Enhances knowledge and expertise
  • Builds competence and confidence
  • Strengthens one’s support network


Financial Services

MISSION UNITED  provides access to Financial Resources.

  • Financial Assistance is provided on needs assessment, transition plan, and resource availability


For more information on MISSION UNITED and its services, call 954.4.UNITED, email MISSIONUNITED@UnitedWayBroward.org, to fill out our online sign-up form.

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