Sunday, May 19, 2019

Wasabi’s Bonaroo Photo Journal – Part 4 – Destination Escape

From Ford Social

There’s a reason that, since 2002, people from all over the world make the trek amidst the punishing heat of the mid-June sun to the otherwise unassuming town of Manchester, TN. To these people, the Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival is much more than just a four-day concert. It’s a phenomenon.

Bonnaroo combines an eclectic and genre-sweeping lineup of mainstream and indie musical acts with comedians and artists to create a lively and rich celebration of creative culture. Attendees can watch an emerging hip-hop artist in the morning, enjoy some poster art in the afternoon and cap off the day with headliners groups.

Whether you’re camping out on the festival grounds, or enjoying the “Roll Like a Rockstar” treatment (complete with private jet and VIP access), Bonnaroovians are united in their celebration of the arts and their desire to experience new facets of music and culture.

Festival-goers are also united in their exhaustive efforts to attempt to combat the seemingly relentless heat. That’s why the Ford Destination Escape tent – with its enticement of ice-packed bandanas and sweet, sweet air-conditioning – was such a welcome sight to music lovers making their trek from one venue to the next.

Destination Escape wasn’t just about cool temperatures; it was about cool artists as well. Wrapped in original artwork celebrating the urban flair of the 2013 Ford Escape, Destination Escape had its own lineup of musical acts. The air conditioning may have brought them in, but plenty stayed to watch music groups give intimate and unforgettable performances. Oh, and did we mention the free screen-printed shirts?

In many ways, Destination Escape embodied the broader Bonnaroo experience. Visitors, immersed in Escape themed artwork, lounged on bean bag chairs while taking in a lineup of genre-spanning musical talents. Together, it was a small sea of people just relaxing and experiencing new music. That’s what brought first-time Bonnaroovians Mckenzie Glass and Rob Jones back on their second day.

“At first, we just came for the shirt,” admits Rob. “But everyone is so together here. It’s a cool place to hang out.”

Being the social environment that Bonnaroo is, Ford also recognized the importance of having social media play a big role in their presence at the festival. That’s why Destination Escape was equipped with a social photo booth that allowed visitors to take pictures that could be live-tweeted directly to their personal Twitter accounts.

You didn’t have to hang out at Destination Escape to create social souvenirs of your Bonnaroo experience, though. Since every Bonaroovian has an RFID-enabled wristband as their ticket to the festival, they could also connect their wristband to Facebook and create real-time social mementos, courtesy of Ford Escape. Just waving the wristband in front of Ford Escape kiosks located at cool attractions throughout the grounds captured live pictures and posted them to your Facebook account. Some people even got free VIP upgrades, and one lucky festival-goer drove home in an all-new 2013 Ford Escape.

To check out social photo booth pics from Bonnaroo 2012 and to see behind-the-scenes photos of artists at the Destination Escape tent, check out the Ford Escape Facebook page.

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