Sunday, May 19, 2019

Wasabi’s Bonaroo Photo Journal – Part 3

Pamela Wasabi is the Fordistas Arts & Culture Correspondent

Our final day commenced with a comedy show by Steven Wright, presented by Comedy Central. A circular tent that, if it weren’t for our colorful and loud neighbors, made you forget where you were.

After the show, we ate at the food truck corner. Gastropob from Miami was there representing, and our friends from The State Of came down with them.
The day was short and fast, as we concluded our ‘roo adventure and walked towards the ferris wheel for an official goodbye. We stopped by the break dancers, and the Ford tent —already closing. Sunday night dropped with Phish, the closing performance of Bonnaroo. And that was it,  a quick three days. Just when we were getting use to it.
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