Sunday, May 19, 2019

Wasabi’s Bonaroo Photo Journal – Part 2

Pamela Wasabi is the Fordistas Arts & Culture Correspondent

Bonnaroo’s celebrations started on Thursday. However, we were not able to make it there until Friday night.The air kept getting colder, the night darker, and at a distance while the Bonnaroo security point checked our car, we could hear a Radiohead echo that came with the wind.

After security we were directed to our camp site. We built our tent, packed our backpacks, and walked towards the music. Bonnaroo is located in Tennessee, at a small town called Manchester. The festival is located on an immense field that’s capable of hosting 100+ thousand people, more than 5 stages, a comedy tent, a cinema, a ferris wheel, and you can’t see from one end where this pop-up city ends. Besides hosting every type of sound and music concert, the fest also lent its space for art, fashion, and food – lots of it!
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