Tuesday, July 16, 2019

It’s been about a month since Miami’s famed Art Week, but one important project remains.

While everyone’s attention was focused on creativity, unreserved was launched by Halsey Burgund of MIT Open Documentary Lab in collaboration with Fordistas as a sonic art project. So, what happens until next year when we’re once again saturated with ads, installations and art openings? Will we slip back into the mundane and let creation and wonder fade into the recesses of our day-to-day? We may become reserved, but we don’t have to be.

unreserved is a call to action for us all. It’s not just for those who create for a living or for those brave enough to call themselves artists. unreserved is for everyone. unreserved resolves to keep pushing past boundaries into a sonic space where local voices matter. That space is an acoustic collage of layered sound, a collection of individual contributions. Each of us can contribute our words, our laughter, our whispers or even just surrounding ambient sound through the geo sensitive app, which combines it all into a beautiful composition of audio art.

Participating in unreserved is quite literally our chance to be part of an evolving artwork.

As a celebration of the year round continuation of unreserved, locals are invited to contribute from all over the city or join like-minded individuals at the Pérez Art Museum Miami during its ongoing Third Thursday: Poplife Social. The monthly night is a place where art and life meet. Guests are encouraged to peruse the PAMM, take in the art, and have a cocktail while dancing to live music with a view of the bay. In many ways it’s the perfect place to contribute to unreserved. The museum grounds are plentiful in aesthetic inspiration, a perfect playground for the imagination.

In the spirit of collective creativity, unreserved will upgrade your admission to VIP for free just for downloading the app. Try it out yourself today:


For more information on unreserved, click here.



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