Sunday, May 19, 2019

Tortuga Music Festival: Spring Breakers With A Country Twist

Your toes buried in sand, the sun’s warm rays beaming down and Josh Turner playing in the background as you sway like to gentle South Florida waters. This is Tortuga Music Festival.

For those of you who don’t know us, we are Cris and Cris, local bloggers at The Emerald Journal. We consider ourselves culturists, die-hard optimists and experience junkies. So, of course Tortuga Music Festival, a beautiful outdoor festival on the beach raising awareness for marine conservation, was on our radar. When the kind folks of South Florida Ford, who have been providing fans with amazing experiences over the years, invited us to take over their Instagram and Twitter account, how could we pass that up?

And so on Saturday, we buckled up and headed to Fort Lauderdale in a Ford Fusion — perfect for a day road trip! Thousands of scantily clad fans flooded the festival in their cowboy hats and daisy dukes. Fort Lauderdale Beach was transformed into Harmony Korine’s Spring Breakers but with a country twist. We leisurely strolled through the excited fans, taking breaks to catch Chase Bryan and the Doobie Brothers before slippin’ back to the VIP Grove, a special viewing area with lots of perks! Courtesy of South Florida Ford, our VIP experience left nothing to be desired. With everything from yummy snacks and free beverages, our day was the perfect blend of beach-style luxury and live music.

Rock the Ocean, the non-profit foundation that hosts Tortuga Musica Festival, is bringing together the most brilliant minds in marine conservation and the musical artists who support them. In the hopes of saving ¾ of our planet, South Florida locals and some of the biggest names in country music came together in support of changing the tides… with the ocean as their backdrop, naturally.

By posting our adventures on Instagram and Twitter, we were able to connect with amazing SFF fans both at Tortuga Music Festival and those keepin’ tabs from home. As first timers experiencing this grassroots festival, we were bewitched by the community spirit! We loved fist pumpin’ with the country fans and rockin’ out in the name of saving the ocean.

This ode to marine life conservation will be a repeat experience for us next year!

Peace, love & country music,

Cris & Cris

The Emerald Journal


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