Sunday, May 19, 2019

Top 10 Questions asked by #FINDAFORD Players

Over the past few weeks, South Florida Ford has been dropping $50 all over town. Now, we know it’s not every day you stumble on 50 bucks, so we’re not surprised you might have a few questions.

But worry no more. We’re here to answer all your questions.

1) Are you really giving away $50 dollars?!

Yup. Our clues will lead you to a very special box containing 50 bucks in cold hard cash. Just follow South Florida Ford on Twitter @soflaford for clues. You never know when we’ll drop the next one in your neighborhood.

2) The clues are hard. Can you just tell us where the cash is?!

Now, that wouldn’t be as fun, would it? The FindAFord hunt is meant to be challenging and keep you on your toes. Clues for each location vary – some are obvious while others might require some reflection. And most of the time it will take MULTIPLE clues to figure it out. Patience, it’s all meant to be in good fun.

That being said…not everything is exactly a clue. Sometimes we’re just inviting people to the party.

3) I found a box. What do I do now?


Just open the box and read the instructions very carefully. Take a selfie with the box, claim your find by sharing the photo with us using the hashtag #FindAFord and tagging @soflaford on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Finally, always pay it forward to one of these awesome charities: Autism Speaks, Susan G Komen, CF Foundation.

4) Do I need to run away like I stole it?

No, you’re not stealing anything, so no need to scurry off! Finders Keepers, folks! Shout, brag, do a little dance…that cash is all yours.

5) Can I #FindAFord more than once?

Sure. In fact, tell all your friends. The more, the merrier. But we warn you: the hunt is getting more and more competitive by the day. Beat the crowd by staying up to date with our clues on Twitter @soflaford.

6) I need every advantage I can get. How do I get clues as soon as they’re posted?

Use technology to your benefit. Set up alerts on your smart phone so you’re notified every time we Tweet a clue.

7) Can you drop one like…right on my doorstep please?

Short answer: no. But we will continue making hidden cash drops across South Florida, so keep your eyes on our page because we might be in your neighborhood soon.

8) Are people at the locations in on the secret?

Nobody knows about FindAFord drops except us, no matter where they are. Going around asking people if they’ve seen a box with $50 bucks in it might not be the best strategy.

9) Any other tips?

Kids seem to be the best FindAFord hunters, so find your inner child and really LOOK. Refer back to rule #2, nobody said this would be easy.

10) Wait. Are you really giving away a car?

Yes. Actually, we’re giving away 4. That’s right – FOUR cars. Follow South Florida Ford on Twitter @soflaford for clues. A brand new Ford giveaway might just be around the corner.

Have fun, keep your eyes open and remember: Finders Keepers.

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