Sunday, May 19, 2019

Three ways to motivate creativity: Tertulia Series

[ter-tú-li-a]: a social gathering with literary, artistic or cultural overtones; a neighborhood meeting of the minds.

In its new conversation series, #Fordistas will explore current, creative and thought-provoking topics vital to South Florida and creatives at large.

The inaugural episode explores creativity and inspiration. Everything that gets us going as creators and the process we go through to bring something from our mind to life. In the words of local creators, explore 3 ways to motivate yourself. 

Connecting to a higher power

“Inspiration comes from a higher power – it’s a matter of exploring different sounds.”

  • Toto Gonzalez, Music Fabricator and Latin-Grammy award nominated Producer

The idea of connecting to something bigger than us is something the best creators have referenced when speaking to their inspiration. Writes like Liz Gilbert point out that inspiration is not in fact self created but self directed and channeled from a higher source. This takes the pressure some artists feel to constantly “be inspired.” Showing up and doing the work will eventually allow moments of transcendence to come through.

Getting to know new people and places

“I’m influenced by people and places, i’m also influenced by music and art because i consider that part of a place where we live.”

  • Camila Alvarez, Writer and Documentarian

Immersing ourselves into the stories of new people and places has been paramount to so many creative people. In order to learn we must grow, in order to grow we most expose ourselves to something outside of what we know.

Research & be curious

“My work is research driven so i’m inspired by the things that I don’t know and the desire to know more.”

  • Catalina Ramirez, PHD Candidate and Cultural Scholar

A constant state of curiosity makes people feel young and puts an influx of ideas in our minds. New projects, solutions and artworks are born from an insatiable desire to know more.

Watch the full episode of Tertulia.



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