Thursday, June 20, 2019

Three creative rituals that will inspire you: Tertulia Series

[ter-tú-li-a]: a social gathering with literary, artistic or cultural overtones; a neighborhood meeting of the minds.

In its new conversation series, #Fordistas will explore current, creative and thought-provoking topics vital to South Florida and creatives at large.

The inaugural episode explores creativity and inspiration. Everything that gets us going as creators and the process we go through to bring something from our mind to life. Here are three creative rituals to inspire you.

Shower inspiration

“When you were a baby you were inside your mom’s stomach with water, so it’s pretty easy to meditate when you’re in water.”

  • Camila Alvarez, Writer and Documentarian

We were born in water, so it’s no surprise the shower is one of the best places to think. Paying attention to ourselves at every moment can yield some of our best creative nuggets.

Get Primped

“I write in front of my computer so I get ready, get dressed, I light incense, drink coffee, so there is a preparation and performance part of it.”

  • Catalina Ramirez, PHD Candidate and Cultural Scholar

The only way to move forward is to do the work, but adding a ritual can give the process power. Effortless symbols like changing clothes or lighting candles can help officiate the creative process.

Creative lows

“I think it’s like a drug even, when you get the high and you go down again. So when you’re doing something you love and amazingly high, like I was this to last forever, and then when it stops it’s [really hard].”

  • Yuri Tuma, Photo Artist and Master of Symmetry

Embracing the negativity and lows that can follow a creative high and accepting the natural ebb and flow of feelings is a tough but necessary step of the process. When you’re doing something you love and you want it to last forever, but inevitably the moment passes and the energy changes. As artists and people we must learn to adapt.

Watch the full episode of Tertulia.


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