Thursday, June 20, 2019
It has been a year filled with festivals, from Chili Cook-off and Rib Round Up to Ultra, Tortuga and now Sunfest… there’s just no way you can live in South Florida without getting your music fix! Held in West Palm Beach, this year was my third trip to Sunfest and as usual it did not disappoint. My inner 15 year old was beaming when I saw the line-up this year included Paramore AND Fall Out Boy. It was as if the Sunfest God’s took a peek at my Spotify playlists.
Preparing to see Paramore live IN PERSON on Thursday night was enough to get me in West Palm Beach at the nice prompt hour of 4pm, you know, so I could claim my spot as close to that stage as possible and guard it… for 3 hours. I had no idea that I was going to get to tell the story of Sunfest from every angle this year, INCLUDING the Ford Stand (the VIP area that gets you as close as possible to front stage).
Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 10.53.47 AMSo, with that good news I gave up my campsite and went on to explore the festival. All explorations require a little fueling up beforehand, so that was my excuse to venture over to the Hospitality VIP area hosted by Ford and Office Max. Hydrated and full of enough amazing salad to put a bunny into a food coma, I left the VIP area and found a cozy spot on the lawn to settle down and watch Copeland perform as the sun set.
There’s nothing better than being on the water as the sun goes down, which is where I found myself in between sets admiring what a beautiful place this really is to have a festival. The weather was amazing, cool and crisp from the week of rain paired with the cool coastal breeze. At an event filled with thousands of people, it is a special thing when you can still find a place and a moment that allows you to appreciate where you are.
So after several sad attempts at capturing a selfie with the beautiful sunsetting cotton candy sky, it was time for Thursday night’s headliner- Paramore. Within seconds of that fiery redhead Hayley (lead singer) taking the stage I was jumping around, hands in the air, lip syncing like my very existence depended on it. I think 15 year old Mel would be proud.
Till next year, Sunfest.
– Mel Ziegler

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