Sunday, May 19, 2019

The Production Line is an immersive experience by the street art duo 2Alas commissioned by South Florida Ford as part of the Fordistas program.


Inspired by Henry Ford and the industrial innovations of the early 20th century, The Production Line seeks to recreate the process and vintage style of mass manufacturing by converting Product/81 Gallery into a screen-printing factory.


Working under the banner Made in Wynwood, the artist will produce 25 limited edition prints by process of assembly line in a series of precisely controlled sequential steps. Visitors can follow the floor map throughout the space to experience each point in the process.


Receive 1 of 25 limited edition prints from The Production Line

Be among the first 25 to upload a photo to Instagram  #Fordistas #MadeinWynwood


The Fordistas program is a platform for emerging arts & culture – powered by South Florida Ford. 



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