Sunday, May 19, 2019

FIND A FORD: The Hunt List (10/4)

While you wait for the official car clues to be posted throughout the day, use your time wisely and complete ALL the actions listed below. You can complete these in any order you’d like. You will NOT be able to claim the brand new Ford unless you check off every item listed.

Hey, we couldn’t make it that easy.

Good luck.

1) Before we get to the fun stuff, make sure you meet all the requirements listed here: For instance, if you don’t have a valid drivers license, chances are you won’t be driving a new Ford.

2) Subscribe to using the e-mail subscription form, take a screenshot once completed. Keep it handy.

3) Show us the love by following us on Instagram (@soflaford), twitter (@soflaford) and Facebook ( Must have all 3.*

4) Go to Las Olas lifeguard tower and write #FINDAFORD in the sand. Take a photo of your masterpiece with YOU in it. Post it on Twitter and tag @soflaford / #findaford **

5) Look around and LITERALLY find a ford — take a selfie with a Mustang or an F-150 on the street, post it on Twitter and tag @soflaford / #findaford ***

6) Take a selfie in front of the gravity clock, post it on Twitter and tag @soflaford / #findaford

7) Take a selfie in front of the oldest house in Fort Lauderdale, post it on Twitter and tag @soflaford / #findaford

8) Go into our South Florida Ford Facebook photo galleries and find a photo of a Ford Escape. Comment #FindAFord on the photo

9) Take a selfie at a South Florida Ford dealership, post it on Twitter and tag @soflaford / #findaford

10) Tweet us why you’re playing #FindAFord and why you want to win.


* If you already do, then you’re ahead of the game. Kudos.
** That means we need to see your face. Not just your shoes or hands. No old photos.
*** Please be safe. Don’t stop in the middle of incoming traffic to snap your photo. The idea is for you to arrive to the final clue – be smart and use your judgment.


If you’d like to print this, download the PDF here.

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