Monday, March 25, 2019

The Fordistas Playlist #1: A Curated Commute

The thing about our cars is that after a while, they start to feel more like our second home. Living in South Florida especially, we spend plenty of time at the wheel, sometimes longer than expected.  But here at South Florida Ford, we like to make the best of our time behind the wheel. That being said, every week we’ll be curating a special collection of songs that never fail to make us smile and feel good: just about the best recipe we can think of to kick off the week.

So whether you’re headed to work,  morning school drop-off,  the gym or running a laundry list of errands, turn up the dial on the first ever, official Fordistas Playlist: A Curated Commute by South Florida Ford.

Enjoy and we’ll see you back here next week with a whole new batch of tunes.

To listen to the playlist on your mobile device, download spotify to your phone for free here.

Fordistas Playlist Week #1

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