Sunday, May 19, 2019

The Ford 100 Winners: Part 2

Here’s the next group of our Ford 100 at Marlins Park Winners!

If you see your name below, congratulations! Please email to confirm your slot. On game day, this Friday 5/30, the SFF team will be set-up and ready in the West Plaza starting at 5pm until first pitch at 7pm to hand you and your +1 tickets.

We’ve kept a few bonus tickets on hand, so if you don’t see your name just give us a shout and we might be able to make it happen. Go Marlins!

  1. Anthony Madeira
  2. Ana Terri Gonzalez
  3. Jen Lourim-Randazzo
  4. Mike Goolst
  5. Fernando Rivas
  6. @mons2314
  7. @delgadomags
  8. @malinmaniac
  9. @mrshark9
  10. @flaboy24
  11. @veeveebbyx
  12. @monsk2314
  13. @Southernshotz
  14. @miamimarlinsedits
  15. @MiamiSportscentral
  16. @Samibresalier
  17. Monika Kulik
  18. Fernando Rivas
  19. @truemiamfan305
  20. alana_cari


  1. Sarah 12:15 am at 12:15 am

    Pick me! Great birthday present ;))

  2. Mary 7:56 pm at 7:56 pm

    Hey,…How about me??!!! Go FISH!!!

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