Monday, March 25, 2019

Ford Summer Hacks: How to install a bike rack

I grew up around bikes.  My father was an avid road biker and he used to keep his expensive bike inside the house parked next to our dining room table.  This was normal for us.  We were bike people!

Living in South Florida, almost everyone has at least one bike.  You can be a casual cruiser bike type of rider, a real need-for-speed road biker, a muddy, adventurous mountain biker or someone who uses their fixie or hybrid to get around town.
Regardless of your bike-style, the places and locations you can ride in South Florida are plentiful.  This South Florida Ford’s Summer Hacks will show you how to mount a bicycle rack onto your car so you can take your bicycle to your next adventure.  Watch me mount a universal bicycle rack on the 2015 Ford Escape.  Enjoy the video and then enjoy the ride!

Once you have your bicycle strapped safely to your vehicle, call a friend and take a ride at one of my personal favorite local spots:


Drive to and park in the heart of Coconut Grove, CocoWalk and head out before sunrise towards Key Biscayne.  You will be surrounded by other road cyclists and if you’re courageous enough you can join a giant peloton as they speed their way through the Key.  On the weekends you can drive your road bike to Homestead and ride your bike through the back roads and make a stop for a milkshake at Robert’s Is Here.


(My person favorite)  For a beginner’s taste of mountain biking try Oleta River State Park in North Miami.  They have a large selection of beginner’s trail.  To get a beachier ride try the trails at Virginia Key in Key Biscayne.  It is smaller than the rest and has some sand on the trails.  For advanced riders, make the drive to Markham Park in Broward.  Here you can try your shot at jumps and longer, more advanced trails.


Take an easy bike ride through Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park in Key Biscayne or be more “in-the-scene” and drive your bike to South Beach where you can cruise and people-watch  through Ocean Drive Park or South Pointe Park.


Mount your bike to your car and head to Wynwood where you can ride through the streets surrounded by urban art.  Also, look in to a local group ride called Critical Mass.  They ride once in a month through Downtown Miami, gathering together the largest group of bike riders in Miami.

Don’t forget to always always always wear your helmet.  Cheers to you on your next bicycle adventure!

– Brenda Lowe

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