Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Prepping for Miss Florida USA doesn’t stop just because I’m on the road. The past two weeks really tested my dedication to health and the competition as I took a road trip to Hilton Head, SC for play and then flew from Orlando to NYC for work. BUT I survived life on the road without sacrificing my health (or happiness!) and wanted to share some tips that kept staying fit possible!

Tip 1: Recruit a friend

First up was a road trip from Miami to Hilton Head, SC. One of my closest friends, Lauren, made the trip with me and we stopped in Titusville, Jacksonville, Jekyll Island, Savannah and finally stopped in Hilton Head. In all that time, we did not go through a SINGLE drive-thru! We did this so easily, that I honestly didn’t even realize that fact until I just typed it. The biggest reason behind our success was having each other. It’s hard to be the only one on a 12 person girls weekend trying to stay fit and eat healthy when everyone around you is on vacation mode- so having that one other person on your team makes all the difference.

Everything I needed to stay on track- right in my car!

Everything I needed to stay on track- right in my car!

Tip 2: Have a quick, healthy meal alternative handy

Before we began the trip, my mom got Lauren and I hooked on Arbonne’s protein. Who knew it would save me from two weeks of guilty eating! I definitely attribute the protein shakes, along with Tip 1, for why I was able to resist the drive-thru signs and ice cream cravings (but lets be honest, on vacation I did indulge in my beloved ice cream at least once). We had chocolate and vanilla protein that we only had to mix with water and then were ready to go with an instant milkshake! This helped so much with mornings where we just wanted to get on the road. Also, not stopping at drive-thrus kept us from feeling sick or sluggish until we had time to find a place to sit down and have a good meal.

Just asked the flight attendant for a bit of ice & water and I was good to go!

Just asked the flight attendant for a bit of ice & water and I was good to go!

The shakes were also awesome for me while in NYC. A quick meal at my disposal meant that starvation didn’t tempt me into bad NYC airport or street foods and it saved my wallet from the pricey few (and far between) “healthy” options. I love the all natural, Vegan, Gluten & Lactose free protein from Arbonne, but keep your own favorite handy! (Protein powder is allowed in your carry on)



Tip 3: Take at least one day to be active

En route to Hilton Head Lauren & I stopped in Jekyll Island and biked 25 miles around the island under the shade of a double bike. It was fun & a great workout! While in New York I took a few hours to venture out of the city with my friend Nick to do some pretty awesome hiking! Although it’s easier to be active when you’re on vacation, remember that something as simple as taking the stairs to your hotel room, or walking a few blocks before getting in a cab after dinner can make all the difference!

Have any health and fitness questions? send them my way!


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