Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Rhymes, Ramonas, and Rock & Roll

Fordistas Cultural Correspondent, Pamela Wasabi interviews Camila Saldarriaga

Many can follow trends, some have the luxury of buying at expensive designer boutiques, but few have innate talent of style, of taste, of fashion –those can’t be bought.

LiTTLE RAMONAS, aren’t ones to fit the script. They don’t try to imitate, they admire. Camila, Paula, and Mariana are spread around New York, Miami, and Bogota. With their fashion project they’ve created a style with roots and branches. Vintage meets bold Ramones meets a nostalgic poem that’s certainly contagious. A style hard to contain in one label, a style that evolves through its own winter and spring.

Check out our conversation with Camila Saldarriaga a.k.a Ramona Mia, and stay tuned atLittleRamonas.com with updates about their online boutique, productions, and parties.

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