Sunday, May 19, 2019

Putting Fans on the Field

Viewers of last night’s premier of Showtime’s The Franchise: A Season with the Miami Marlins all seem to have the same opinion. People in Major League Baseball swear – a lot. Ozzy Guillen’s first team meeting was captured in the show and featured an avalanche of F-bombs (97 to be precise). How’s that for a motivational speech? Let’s hope that the fish at least clean up the language when they get out on the field, because South Florida Ford is putting fans right there with them.

Our Fans on the Field promotion gives die-hard fans a chance to shine under the bright lights of Marlins Ballpark. Throwing out the first pitch, singing the national anthem, being an honorary team captain, and even making the infield look pristine as part of the grounds crew; these are all experiences we’ve awarded to members of the SFF community.

There’s still a whole lot of baseball left in the Miami Marlins inaugural season and we’ve got bunch more Fans on the Field experiences on deck. Keep your eyes on South Florida Ford’s Facebook page for your chance to win. You might be there the next time Ozzie launches a tirade bad enough to make a sailor blush.

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  1. notyourman 9:13 pm at 9:13 pm

    Wait? Whats that? Oh Yeah… South Florida Ford is F@[k!%g awesome.
    I only hope that all these people (and I am sure that they do) tell all their family and friends how awesome SFF is!!


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