Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Playoff Implications?

Sunday’s game could prove to be a decisive point in the season for your Miami Dolphins.  We’re not only playing to be a game above .500 and keep our playoff hopes alive, but we could also sink the New York Jets to a (3-5) record that could leave them in the brink of another dismal year, YES!  With the thought of the 23-20 defeat still in their minds, your Dolphins will head into MetLife Stadium on Sunday thinking one thing and one thing only, PAYBACK!  We couldn’t ask for a more perfect scenario to distance ourselves in the standings and go from “PRETENDERS” to “CONTENDERS,” something we haven’t associated our Fins team with in years.

Are the Fins Ready?

Coming off our last game versus the Rams, Ryan Tannehill was in complete command of his offense delivering an almost perfect performance that really made the difference.  He finished the day 11-13 with 105 total yards and two touchdowns versus a Rams defensive rush that proved to be insufficient to stop our poised rookie quarterback.  It was simple work for the rookie. He limited mistakes by keeping all his passes short, avoiding being intercepted, and improving his delivery efficiency.  Hard work by the Miami Dolphins coaching staff began to show results, not just on our players but also on the play calling during games.  Yes, facing a Jets team that is desperate and obligated to win won’t be easy for our Fins, especially playing on their field, but after such an impressive showing in the last couple of wins I like our team’s chances.

A Proving Sunday

The Jets will be ready and the crowd will be alive. Sunday will be a huge test to our team and coaching staff.  I couldn’t think of a more perfect game to prove our Miami Dolphins and rookie Quarterback Ryan Tannehill are for real.  Sounds cliché but in reality no one gave our team a chance to be a contender before the season started, that’s why Sunday is the perfect opportunity to inflict some pain to the New York stinking Jets and Tony Sparano, who fist-pumped in celebration after winning in Miami a couple of weeks ago.  Someone should tell that to our players, perhaps we could have our Dolphins Fist-Pumping all over MetLife Stadium once Sunday’s game is in the books…. GO DOLPHINS!


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