Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Pincho Factory Gets An Extreme Makeover

Saying Pincho Factory has had a face lift is a terrible understatement. Saying Pincho Factory has undergone an Extreme Makeover including Brazilian butt lift, lipo and a new hair do would be more befitting. I was able to sit down for a couple of minutes with the extremely busy, Nedal Ahmad to give me the run down on all the changes going on at Pincho Factory.

The minute I walked into the restaurant, you could tell it had gotten an aesthetic makeover. They repainted the walls gray and black, added light fixtures, got funky new couches and the best part is they have a kick ass mural by Coinslot under the register. They’re expecting framed food and drink pictures that will also adorn the newly painted walls.

First he explained that they’ve revamped their menu. The things we’re saying goodbye to are the chocolate fries, the ground beef pincho and the Chicago dog. Now if any of these were one of your favorites, no need to cry. If you ask for them nicely at the register you’ll still be able to get these items. Seems as though Pincho Factory has a secret menu where you can also get the award winning Foreman burger, but you didn’t hear that from me.

They’re adding onto the menu a chipotle dog and a regular classic hot dog. Keep your eyes peeled for a savory french fry addition to the menu as the replacement for the chocolate fries is still in the works! All the sauces and salad dressings will now be homemade, including their ranch dressing (As a ranch dressing fan, I’m particularly excited about this).

The biggest overhaul to the menu comes in the Pincho section. Before, you had the option of picking out your “vehicle” (Pita, rice bowl, salad), choose your protein and finally choose your toppings and sauces. Well forget about all that. Now, you can still choose your “vehicle” and protein, but the sauces and toppings have been broken down into preset combinations. I tried out their California with chicken on a pita and it was amazing. With lettuce, tomato, mandarin oranges, sliced almonds, dried cranberries, Gorgonzola cheese and mango sauce it tasted like a refreshing summer salad in a pita bread.

Now onto the change I’m most excited about, BRUNCH! In the second weekend of December (12/7-12/8) the folks over at Pincho Factory will have a full on Brunch menu. Don’t go there thinking you’ll still be able to get your fritanga burger either, you’ll be sadly mistaken. The menu for Brunch is still a work in progress, but a couple things are for sure: First up is their bacon (turkey bacon) wrapped omelet. Yes, you read that right. Also, Nedal is working on a weekly French Toast special #woohoo.

Be sure to swing by Pincho Factory and check out all the new changes to the restaurant and the menu. Come out to brunch before heading into the Art Basel madness, it’s best to deal with horrible traffic and hipsters with a full stomach!

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