Monday, March 25, 2019

Perfect 10: Butt & Legs workout

Simplicity in workouts is key to integrating them into your daily routine. So, we’re continuing on our fitness workout countdown with the 10×10 Butt & Leg sequence to make those butt & legs a perfect 10!

You’ve guessed it: 10 exercises, 10 minutes, 0 excuses

1. Squats

Let’s start off with Squats. Every one tells you to do them… and you probably think they’re overrated and half of these people out there with their “instafamous” derrieres are either genetically or medically blessed; BUT (no pun intended) I’ll tell you first hand they work if you do them properly. Squats are a great way to warm up your butt and legs for your workout, and I start almost every “butt & leg” day routine with them. Proper form is so important here, sit back on your heels & make sure that your knees do not extend beyond your toes. Don’t lean forward, imagine as if you were sitting down into a chair. Kick it off with 1 Minute!




2. Lunges


Start in a standing position. Lunge backwards extending your right leg backwards and bending your left knee. Do not let your right knee touch the floor. Make sure your left leg is at a 90 degree angle and stand  back up. Do the left side for 30 sec, then hit that right side for 30 sec. Don’t feel the burn yet? Kick it up to a minute on each side.





3. Step up with Twist



Stand with one leg on an elevated platform (could be the first step of your staircase!) Drop the other leg and lightly tap the floor, stand back up using your elevated leg to lift your body (you’ll feel this in that quad of your static leg – trust me!) adding a twist at the top is an awesome way of sneaking some abs into the workout (you guys know how much I love ab routines).  30 sec Left Leg, 30 sec Right Leg.






4. Calf Raises 


It’s easy for people to work on their quads and forget about their calfs. This move will make sure you don’t skip those quads! Stand up straight while keeping your legs in a straight position, then stand on your tip toes and squeeze those quads, stand back down on your heels and right back up onto your toes. Repeat for 1 minute. If this feels too easy pick up a weight or something heavy! (baby, puppy, textbook… you get the idea)





5. Sumo Squat with Hold & Pulse 



We start with squats and end with squats! Start in a standing position with a wide stance. Your toes should be pointing outwards instead of straight, squat down in a low position, make sure your knees do not extend beyond your toes, then stand straight up again and bring your hips through – squeeze those gluts at the top to sneak in a little butt action 😉
This variation hits your legs from a different angle. It’s one of my favorites because it hits that annoying inner thigh! 1 minute.



Part 2: Butt

6. Squats with Leg Extension



This warmup move is a smooth transition over from your leg workout. Squat down low, sit back on your heels, but this time when you stand extend that left leg up as high as you can to the side, then squat back down and hit the other side. Squeeze those gluts at the top! 1 minute of this move… trust me you’ll feel this the next day!





7. Knee in Kick Back



Straight arms, shoulders directly above your hands, bring that left knee into your chest and kick straight back. Squeeze your abs when your knee comes in, straighten that leg and squeeze your butt when you extend. This core move will work your abs, legs and butt. 30 seconds each side if it’s not challenging, kick it up to a minute each side.





 8. Straight Leg Pulses



For this third move, keep that leg straight at the back and reach up, pulse for 1 minute – this’ll burn out those gluts!






9. Donkey Kicks


To hit your gluts from another angle I like to do donkey kicks. Keep that knee bent at a 90 degree angle, bring that knee down then kick that leg straight back up. 30 seconds each side.

Engage your core! (Remember to keep your abs tight for all of these exercises so you’re constantly engaging that six pack!)





10. Fire Hydrants with Bonus Kick Back

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To finish things off, we’re going to hit your butt from one last angle. Start with a Fire Hydrant on the left side, keep your knee at a 90 degree angle and lift your leg vertically so it’s out towards your side. Like before, hit each side for 30 seconds.

BONUS: Not dead yet? Challenge yourself for 2 more minutes by adding in the kickback! This time, once your leg is up kick it straight back, then bend your knee again. 1 minute on each side.

Remember- it’s always quality over quantity. If you feel yourself struggling to keep form, REST! Give yourself 5-10 seconds then get back into it. Don’t sacrifice form for speed or the sake of “not stopping”. You may cause an injury and even stop hitting the target muscle and all your hard work would be wasted.

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