Sunday, May 19, 2019

Outdoor Fitness: The Rickenbacker Causeway

I don’t know about you, but I love to work out in nature.  I refuse to believe you need fancy equipment and a hole in your wallet just to be healthy. Subscribing to a park and beach to break the monotony of the gym was the best decision I’ve made with regards to my personal fitness. Not only is it free of charge (or at most a toll fee), it allows me to find creative ways to burn calories and use my surroundings resourcefully to choreograph high energy circuit routines.

Recently, I’ve been hitting the Rickenbacker Causeway in Key Biscayne with my esteemed friend (and fitness idol), Jennifer Puentes—the results were immediate. I felt stronger, had more endurance for next time and could barely sit in a chair for the next three days. The incline of the bridge keeps your heart rate up even if you are just taking a stroll—it’s the closest thing to a mountain in Miami. That being said, if you have never attempted a bridge work out  remember intense soreness is normal and will be alleviated with a little stretching, hydrating and light exercise the day after (this will help with lactic acid build up).

I can definitely attempt this routine on my own, but the buddy system is a great way to keep you motivated and pushing harder, so make sure to partner up if you are the kind of person who feeds off group energy. Fitness outdoors doesn’t mean it lacks the perks of a fancy membership—some of the boutique amenities of the “Rickenbacker Fitness Palace” are panoramic views of the magic city skyline and Biscayne bay, as well as access to crystal clear water and sandy beach. Luxury is over rated when it comes to your health, step outside the box and find a view that inspires you to get out and be active.

Always remember to listen to your body, know your limits and never fight through pain, only fight through muscle fatigue. Pain is a sign you will hurt yourself, so please keep this in mind while attempting any exercise.

Disclaimer: I’m not a professional trainer, I am just an active girl sharing my current fitness regimen. Always consult with professionals before attempting strenuous fitness routines.


  • Stretch out. A little downward facing dog is great before and after a work out.
  • Warm up by jogging the bridge once over to the opposite side you started.
  • Catch your breath.


  • Walk to the first light post.
  • Start with walking lunges to the second light post.
  • Crab walk from the second light post to the third.

    Toy Soldiers from the third light post to the fourth.

  • Crab walk from the fourth light post to the fifth.
  • At the plateau of the bridge attempt to complete at least 40 broad jumps.
    • Run down the rest of the bridge.

    Cool Down:

  • Stretch
  • High planks for 1 minute
  • Forearm planks for 1 minute
  • Repeat 2 times

Words by: Cris Cernuda

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