Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Ever since the Fab Five from Liverpool launched the British invasion way back when, there hasn’t been a hotter young group from the UK than One Direction. If you’ve never heard of them, just ask your kids. Then mention to them that you want to win tickets to see them in concert this Thursday at the BB&T and wait for the screams to blast your eardrums. But SFF Style doesn’t give just regular tickets to regular fans. We’re offering 4 CLUB RED tickets to the craziest One Direction family of fans.

Here’s your task: Post a picture of your personal One Direction fan club showing your level of teeny-bopper craziness on the SFF Facebook. We’re talking t-shirts, homemade signs, whatever you got.

We’ll announce our 1 winner Wednesday at midday, so get a move on! 18 & over please, so parents must submit for their kids. Good luck!

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