Sunday, May 19, 2019

No Slowing Down for Copperpots

Copperpots is a local startup company owned by a young couple, Vanessa Safie and Tom Wilfong. Copperpots has been in existence for less than a year, but in that short time they’ve gathered a cult following for their ingenious creations. You can find their concoctions at a couple of local establishments including Sweetness Bakeshop, Lokal Burgers & Beer and Pincho Factory. What are their creations, you wonder? Bueno, they’re in the jam business for now, making inventive jams like Pineapple Five spice, Red Onion Marmalade and Spicy Mango Jam from locally accessible fruits and veggies. However, they’ll be expanding all too soon. They’re starting to spread their wings and branch out into the savory world. For the last two weeks they’ve been selling their addictive homemade Sriracha hot sauce. I was lucky enough to catch these two for a quick interview to see what they’ve got up their sleeves and what they’re currently got cooking.

Their new Sriracha hot sauce!

FGH: What are the projects you’re currently working on and when do you project to start selling them?

CP: We are currently working on flavored vinegars. We hope to start selling them in about two weeks. The vinegar flavoring process is a long one and we have to make sure they taste good before they hit the table.

FGH: What motivated you to branch out into the world of vinegars?

CP: The cottage act limits the types of products we can make, but vinegar is allowed. We thought — why not work with what we can? Vinegars are a fun and healthy way flavor up your food so the fat kid wheels started turning. 

FGH: How many types of vinegar are you working on currently and how many more do you expect to try out?

CP: We are currently working on 3 flavors right now and we look forward to having 4 or 5 solid flavor combinations to offer; with the potential for a rotating special flavor or something. One being Chili Garlic Rice Wine Vinegar.

Vinegars in the making.

FGH: Any other upcoming projects you see down the line, perhaps in time for Christmas?

CP: For the holidays we are going to start baking! Look out for Apple Butter Pie and thumbprint cookies with a nice dollop of jam on them! These will also be available as an option for our holiday gift baskets!  

FGH: Any new jam flavors? Perhaps a pumpkin butter?

CP: The holidays means it’s time for our Cranberry Clementine jam! A fancy switch from that petrified cranberry sauce in a can ours is infused with some champagne and sweet clementine oranges.  

FGH: Any plans to work with other local restaurants?

CP: We always keep our eyes and ears open for someone who wants (needs) some Copperpot’s in their lives. We haven’t spoken to anyone recently but I think people know where to find us.  

FGH: Where do you see Copperpots in a year? in 5 years?

CP: We might be just where we are in a year; building towards our next step and making time to keep developing flavors. In five years we hope to be in our own store! Slinging sandwiches chuck full of Copperpot’s goodness, showcasing delicious artisan products made by the people we have met along the way and enjoying our customers! 

FGH: Other than the website, where can people find you (what’s your schedule at the moment?)

CP: Besides our website, we can be found on Facebook and Twitter. We do the “food truck” thing and post our locations in advance as well as the day of. Our website also has a link to our Google calendar where we always post upcoming events. 

If you don’t want to keep up with all that, we are usually at the Upper East Side Market (66th and Biscayne) on Saturdays and Pinecrest Gardens on Sundays. 

Be sure to check out Copperpots, not only are their jams delicious, they’re all locally sourced. These jams are delicious, funky and irresistible. Keep an eye out for these two; they’re on the verge of big things. So move over Smuckers, there’s a new jam in town.

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