Tuesday, July 16, 2019

New on the podcast: Nathalie Alfonso on the importance of accepting who we are

Fordistas, the podcast is a series bringing to life the stories of artists, makers and innovators showing their work in South Florida and changing our cultural landscape.

Nathalie Alfonso is an exhibiting artist in To Love Like A Woman. She is an artist and curator. Her body of work has been exploring the value of manual labor as a tool to discover the self.

Cris Ramos hosts this episode touching upon:

  • Memories being a permanent part of us we can never erase
  • The meditative act of physical labor
  • Why our society is obsessed with labels and how we can let that go
  • The importance of accepting who we are
  • The power and freedom behind deciding what kind of a person we want to be

Please enjoy episode 3 of #Fordistas, the podcast with Nathalie Alfonso on:





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