Tuesday, July 16, 2019

New on the podcast: Monica Uszerowicz’s advice for making work & getting it out there

Fordistas, the podcast is a series bringing to life the stories of artists, makers and innovators showing their work in South Florida and changing our cultural landscape.

Monica Uszerowicz is an exhibiting artist in To Love Like A Woman at The Annex. Monica is a writer and photographer. She covers thought-provoking art topics in Miami and photographs locals in compelling ways.

Cris Ramos hosts this conversation touching on:

  • A woman’s role in bearing the emotional labor in all relationships
  • Social media and its strange implications
  • Self erasing who you are in order to fit in
  • Great advice for artists interested in getting good work made and successfully put out into the world

Please enjoy episode 4 of #Fordistas, the podcast with Monica Uszerowicz on:



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