Sunday, May 19, 2019

Miami Film Month and Fordistas Micro Films

With GMO dinosaurs, animated brain cells and earthquakes rocking the box office, nothing says summer like blockbusters on the big screen. And as the temperatures in South Florida continue to climb, few things provide a refuge from the heat as satisfying and escapist as a trip to the movies. For years South Florida hasn’t simply been an enthusiastic consumer of film, we’ve been a place that steadily and proudly contributes to the film industry itself.

June marked Miami Film Month, a chance to learn about and enjoy South Florida’s growing position within the industry and highlight some of the people and places that are slowly elevating us to the strata of Hollywood, New York, or Cannes. Apart from the dozens of film festivals taking place throughout the year, Film Month also shined a spotlight on some of the beautiful independent theaters found throughout town.

But the true value of South Florida’s film culture comes from the diversity and talent of its people, especially the young independent filmmakers working every day to find their voice and then make that voice heard. That’s why South Florida Ford partnered with FilmGate Miami earlier this year to create the Fordistas Micro-Film Contest. The contest was a chance to strip the limitations of tools, funding or access, and provide an opportunity for anyone with a smartphone to create and share their own short films on Instagram.

The result was three of our best and brightest being selected by a distinguished panel of judges for a grand prize of $1,000 each. Just a little something to kickstart their own future blockbuster.

Watch to learn more about the MicroFilm Contest and everything leading up to it.


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