Sunday, May 19, 2019

Marlins Monday: Take Me(l) Out To The Ball Game

Confession: I’ve never been to a baseball game.

I know, pretty crazy. In fact, I live in downtown Miami and there is a little west facing window right above my kitchen sink with perfect view of the Marlins stadium. Whenever anyone comes to visit I always point it out, but I never stopped to question why I’ve never actually gone to a Marlins game…actually, a baseball game at all!

So, there was no better time for my first baseball game than the season opener against the Atlanta Braves as I represented South Florida Ford. As I got closer, I realized how cool it is that the stadium seems as if it just fell from the sky into the middle of Miami. It isn’t like some of the other Miami sports stadiums that are on the outskirts of their communities — instead, it is completely immersed in the people and culture that surrounds it. The massive, modern, white structure is an amazing architectural accomplishment to see, but it’s the contrast of its details (colorful tile) that make it unique. Plus, the live band performing Latin music just out front the main gate of the stadium really showcases the energy of all the excited fans lined up and really set the mood for a fun time!

Soon after the first pitch I found myself on the suite level rubbing shoulders with some pretty important people (like our very own governor!) but in all seriousness, that suite level was blowing my mind. The modern design of the hallways, lighting and the crisp, clean all white and wood grain suites were exactly to my taste. There was a ballgame to experience though, and the best place to do that was in the stands with all the fans!

As soon as I was downstairs, the sky’s opened up and it started pouring. While everyone ran from their seats, I was really excited since this meant I would get to see the stadium transform from an open field to a closed dome! Technology is awesome. Soon after the game resumed I found myself behind the outfield just in time for the Marlins to score a run! Unfortunately, as the Braves pulled ahead I also experienced the… lets call it, “frustration” of all the passionate Marlins fans. Even the energy of the disappointed fans was a cool thing for me, because I saw how much everyone loved our team and is rooting for them and that hope is ALWAYS contagious.

Till my next Marlins adventure with South Florida Ford!

WORDS BY Mel Ziegler

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