Monday, April 22, 2019

Lauderdale Air Show

Few things instantly bring out your inner child like an F-16 blazing past you at Mach 1. You cover your ears, let out a goofy yell and watch the jet make a tight turn over the horizon. The Lauderdale Air Show made a triumphant return on April 28th after a three year hiatus for a crowd of hundreds of thousands along the beachfront .

South Florida Ford felt honored to be one of the main sponsors of the event and had the pleasure of sending 120 Facebook Fordistas to the show with special access to the Drop Zone. The Ford Message Ambassadors also hit the sand and braved the rain to enjoy one of the biggest events of the year. The ladies shared a little about their experience with SFF Style.

HaleyThe 2012 Lauderdale Air Show was an amazing experience! Despite the rainy weather, so many people showed up to watch the mix of acrobatic and military planes over the Fort Lauderdale ocean.  We witnessed thrilling demonstrations as U.S. Navy Seals dropped from the sky and WORLD CHAMPION Rob Holland showed off his skills in the sky.  The noise from the planes was like none other and MUCH louder than any Nascar race.  The cloudy sky also turned out to be a great backdrop for the event.  I was so glad to be part of the event and happy that this came back to South Florida!

Brenda: We arrived to the Fort Lauderdale Air Show with high hopes of seeing a good show.  I have childhood memories of watching the show with my family so it was exciting to see this as an adult!  The first planes we saw were the acrobatic planes.  They did endless loops and dives- seemingly feet away from the ocean.  Although the audience was spread out along the beach, we could still hear everyone “oooh” and “aaah” over each trick.  And obviously everyone had their cellphones out snapping pictures away just like us. I think I yelled a couple of times when the planes got too close to each other or too close to the ocean.  The most impressive formation I saw was when the group of 5 planes split up and 2 of them created a huge heart using their smoke trails and the remaining 3 planes went through the heart like an arrow.  Are you kidding me?! My mouth was open like :-O

The real chills came when the jets arrived.  You might not have seen them coming but I can guarantee that you HEARD them when they zoomed by.  I think I whimpered a little and ducked my head thinking a missile was coming at me.  The sound and power that these machines create give a small impression of the ability of our country and military.  At one point the announcer connected the live sound to the pilot in the jet and the pilot gave tribute to the veterans and the current military personnel serving.  That made us all really reflect at how lucky we are to be free and to be safe.

I think the planes and tricks were the same as I saw when I was little girl- but it didn’t matter.  You never really get to witness these stunts and planes and when you do you never get tired of it. Thank you South Florida Ford for making this happen for us!

Katie: The SFF girls ventured out to the Lauderdale Air Show on Saturday 4/28! The weather was cloudy and looked like it was going to pour from the sky, but it held off to let the planes, jets, and parachuters make there descent from the sky for our entertainment.  It was a great event with tons of fans gazing at every loud noise and performance above the ocean. We were having the time of our lives watching these dangerous and exciting maneuvers above us. It was also nice to see the military influence all around and the tributes they gave to our veterans. The SFF girls definitely felt like little kids and enjoyed another South Florida Ford Event!

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