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Every day is some silly, “National :insert random food here: Day.” However, not many people know that October 24, 2012 is National Food Day. Bueno, you may be asking yourself, “Que carajo is National Food Day and why should I care?” The answer is this, National Food Day is part of a national movement for healthy, affordable and sustainable food. Their big goal is to, “Transform the American Diet.” They’re working towards encouraging all americans to select healthy diets and avoid obesity, heart disease, and other diet related conditions.

There are a few local events going on this month in conjunction with Food Day. First up is Whole Foods in Coral Gables is giving up 5% of its sales on October 24, 2012 to Common Threads. Common Threads is an amazing organization that teaches local youth to cook and eat healthy. So you can even participate & donate to a local charity by buying your groceries!

University of Miami seems to be the only registered local university to be participating in the festivities (Que Pena! Where’s my FIU School of Public Health?!)  They’ll be hosting an on-campus farmer’s market, panel discussions and a film screening. For location and more details, jump over here.

Fairchild Botanical Gardens is having their annual Edible Garden Festival on October 20-21, 2012. The weekend-long festival will have cooking demonstrations from local chefs, gardening demos and some lectures. In recognition of our faux Fall season, they’ll also host a scarecrow competition and a pumpkin patch. Now this event ain’t free, so be sure to check out the site for all the details.

Also on October 20, 2012, is the Artisan Food Festival. Think of this as a almost farmer’s market with air conditioning. In Miami, it doesn’t get much better than that. It’ll be held inside the Coral Gables Museum (find it here every month too!) Local artisan vendors that will be in attendance include Copperpots, Proper Sausages, Freakin’ Flamingo and The Empanada Lady. For all the details, check out the Facebook event page. If you get there early enough, look for a girl stuffing her face with jam, breads and empanadas in the corner… that’ll be me.

There ya have it folks! At the very least, go educate yourself on Food Day and buy some groceries in Coral Gables on the 24th to support a great organization. There’s a few other event’s I didn’t mention, so feel free to check out the official list on the Food Day site!

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