Saturday, February 16, 2019

It’s Alive

It’s Alive

The crowd was excited, the adrenaline was pumping, and the Dolphins were leaving it all in the field until that win was secured. Football in South Florida – IT’S ALIVE!  The Dolphins took that home opener by the horns and did not let go. They understood how meaningful that game was, not just to the team trying to gather confidence for the rest of the year but to a South Florida community that hasn’t had much to celebrate in the football department in a very long while.  The Oakland Raiders were in town only to see the Miami Dolphins, specifically Reggie Bush, run all over them until that 35-13 victory was in the books. Finally, a much needed home opener win.

By The Numbers

Reggie Bush created a masterpiece of a game: 26 carries for 172 yards on the ground, 197 total yards for the day capped off by two touchdowns, a 23 yard run where he broke like 100 tackles it seemed and a 65 yard dash that was simply a beauty!  Rookie quarterback Ryan Tannehill also showed up in style with a much better performance than last week’s forgettable showing at Houston.  Tannehill finished the day with a total of 200 yards going 18 of 30 scoring touchdowns by ground and air, simply put, “El Rookie Was on Point.”  Brian Hartline also came up big for the Fins catching 9 passes for 111 yards in total, earning the injury returning wide a career game.


Bring Them On!

Enter the JETS! It’s that feeling of beating a New York team that always adds a special taste to South Florida, hmmmm DELICIOSO!  This Sunday is a chance to prove that our team is real. It’s a chance to prove that the routing of the Raiders was not a mistake. It’s a chance to say to Tony Sparano, “thank you, but no thank you!” Because a win over the New York Jets would certainly put the FINS back in the NFL picture.  Most importantly, we’re talking about Jets, it’s PERSONAL!  This week could mean two things: we win and keep the party going or we lose and get back to the “they are who we thought they were mentality.” Luckily, South Florida loves to party. GO DOLPHINS!

Image Cred: Getty Images & AP

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