Sunday, May 19, 2019

Uncle Luke Explains How United States of Bass Deepens the Depths of Edification

by John Hood

Each and every year, outliers in 60 different countries receive their marching orders from Red Bull Music Academy headquarters in Cologne, and each and every year, the orders are an exact echo of the year before. It’s not that RBMA wants things to remain the same, mind you; it’s that they’ve found a directive that’ll ensure things do everything but, and in the process change the sonic landscape.

What are those orders?

Go forth and edify.

That’s what they seem to be anyway. No one has told me one way or another. But even a quick scan of RBMA’s extensive line-up of lectures, workshops, recording sessions, club shows and various other incident-inspiring incidentals shows the most advanced and respectful collision of aural wonder put together by anyone anywhere. Ever.

Got doubts? Just check the line-up for the Miami edition of Red Bull Music Academy’s United States of Bass goin’ down this Saturday at Gramps. Headlined by the Magic City’s own Low Blow Rider, Uncle Luke, and enforced by masters of the form in virtually every city that’s gone for the sonic sucker punch, RBMA’s Bass night adds an even deeper dimension to the deepest depths this thing called music can go.

Add RBMA’s day-before Radio Takeover (which takes Bass to the decade-strong airwaves) and you’ve got enough edification for a doctoral thesis on the genre — and double enough to blow your mind.

SFF Style got with Uncle Luke in advance of all the action; here’s what he had to say:

USofBass Crowd 00120_HiRes JPEG 24bit RGB

In a sentence (or three), just what exactly is the United States of Bass?

The Red Bull United States of Bass is a celebration of the history of Bass music, where pioneers and current faces of the music get together to recognize and celebrate what was, what is and what will be the Bass music sound.

Who all is behind the big idea?

The Red Bull Music Academy and RBMA Radio got the party started back in 2013. is also broadcasting a 12-hour takeover session as part of the events.

In what ways have you been participating?

By bringing in the ground floor of Bass music history. You could say I’m the professor in a Bass college classed with provocative dancing and loud energy that’s endless. I’ll be taking the stage with some of the best Bass music legends from around the country.

And when United States of Bass hits Miami this weekend?

At Gramps, the United States of Bass will turn up the Miami volume. Joining me will be DJ Craze, another Miami native, Snappy Jit out of Miami Gardens, Egyptian Lover, a bass music pioneer out of LA, as well as Detroit’s DJ Assault, Newark’s DJ Sliink, Chicago’s DJ Spinn and DJ Earl, TT the Artist from Baltimore, and even DJ Laz from mainstream HITS 97.3.

US of Bass Crowd-00039_HiRes JPEG 24bit RGB

Was the line-up something of your own devising?

No, all of the talent is equally to blame and equally to thank. Everyone involved is bringing their expertise and energy to the table. It’s all about the music, everyone’s music.

If you had to sum up this gathering in a single sentence, what would it be?

Wow, in a single sentence I’d have to sum it up that the Red Bull Music Academy United States of Bass is the most comprehensive wikipedia page of Bass music brought to life with the booming sound of bass and larger-than-life visual performances.

How bout if you had to give yourself a title vis-a-vis Bass?

To people under 30 I’m Coach Luke, to people between 30 and 40 I’m Uncle Luke, to people over 40 I’m Luke Skywalker. I was just at a TV station and someone shouted “Luke Skywalker” across the newsroom, so I know that guy is over 40…

Are those the Lukes we’re gonna see this weekend?

Yes, all three of them!

Red Bull Music Academy United States of Bass Radio Takeover Friday October 23rd. 2pm-11:30pm. Tune in to

Red Bull Music Academy’s United States of Bass Saturday October 24th, 10pm at Gramps 176 NW 24th Street Wynwood. RSVP (subject to capacity):

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