Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Recap and Situation

Lets Go Heat!! Basketball fans couldn’t ask for a more exciting match-up than the lightning fast Thunder team vs. the all-eyes-on-me Miami Heat. Combined, these have been the most watched finals games in NBA History. Game 2 of the NBA Finals is in the books and the Miami Heat have regained the momentum.

Who was the Man in Game 2?

LeBron’s 32 points? No. Dwyane Wade’s knee injury comeback game? No. Bosh back in the starting line-up? Nope, guess again. It was a boo-yaa performance by Shane Battier! He scored 17 points, going 5 of 7 from three-pointers and a pesky, shut down defense on the other side of the court. To continue our quest, Chalmers, Miller or James Jones will need to step up and knock down clutch three-pointers down the stretch against this cold-blooded Thunder team. For now, kudos to our boy Battier on a great, all-around performance!

The Big 3 in the next 3 games

Wade was definitely en-fuego last night, but this was just a warm-up to what’s brewing in this series for him. With Bosh back in the line-up and LeBron drawing double coverage, look for Wade to elevate his game at home and regain some of his Finals MVP swag from a few years ago. The Heat did what we needed them to do… take a game from OKC, and then come back home looking for a clean sweep in front of the home crowd!

Photo creds: Bleacher Report, US Presswire

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