Monday, March 25, 2019

Get ready for Red

The newly dubbed BB&T Center, formerly the Bank Atlantic, has more than a new sign on the front door. If you’ve ever experienced the luxury of the ADT Club while watching the Panthers slam opponents into the glass or during any of the myriad events that blow through the arena, get ready for a whole new level of swankiness. They’re calling it Club Red, and in keeping with the spirit of the Florida Panthers, you have to see it to BELIEVE RED.


Fans are just starting to experience it, but word is spreading quickly about everything Red has to offer, from the food & drinks to the reserved seats, which happen to be the best in the house. And just as the buzz is building, SFF has already begun to spread the wealth, starting with Aerosmith last weekend and the Trans-Siberian Orchestra on deck. We snapped a few pics of the aging yet still-got-it legends in between shrimp and dessert binges, but again, you’ll have to see Club Red for yourself. Keep an eye on us for your chance.


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