Monday, April 22, 2019

Four challenges Kundalini will help you overcome

Miami has been talking about Kundalini Yoga–– a lot.

The healing yoga is catching like wildfire since the announcement of this weekend’s first-ever Kundalini Yoga Festival on Miami Beach. We have seen yoga studios popping up in South Florida with the rise of its mainstream popularity, but the Kundalini practice is not as prevalent. In fact, most people have never heard of it.

Through sound, movement, meditation and mantra, Kundalini harnesses your Shakti, or innate primal energy, raising your vibration in order to help you focus and find your own truth. Often referred to as a technology, the practice is rooted in science and appeals to the more goal-oriented yogi.

Monica Reyes is a local Mindset Coach, Certified Yoga Teacher and Attorney. Years ago, Kundalini Yoga transformed her life taking her out of practicing law and into a world of spiritual healing. Her own story echoes those of other people touched by this ancient yoga.

“I started to connect with people [since finding Kundalini Yoga],” Reyes said. “I had a huge fear of public speaking and communication with people in general and now I’m a motivational speaker.”

Reyes, whose coaching is rooted in Kundalini, notes the transformation with the ancient yoga is fast. Modern medicine supports this assertion with practitioners like Kelly Brogan, M.D. holistic women’s health psychiatrist and author of the book, A Mind of Your Own– cites Kundalini’s fast-forwarding breakthroughs that medical psychotherapy would otherwise take years to accomplish.

Reyes has identified four themes throughout her coaching career that Kundalini helps cut to the core of.

Self love

So many people are looking for someone or something to complete us. Kundalini allows you to connect with universe in such a way that you don’t need anybody. You feel incredibly complete.

Staying present

The practice allows you to be present, which cuts into stress and worry. When we are present, we are not worried or anxious of the future.

Fear of the unknown

Kundalini allows us to feel okay with uncertainties and the unknown. Most of our fear and anxiety stems from being outside of this moment. Once we are able to conquer the present, our mind becomes focused. The fears of the unknown melt away becoming clarity in our life and the abundance of possibilities at our disposal.


Reyes herself is living testament to Kundalini’s power to find your own voice. A once fearful speaker, she now gives regular talks to large audiences of women on meaty topics, like authenticity.

WORDS BY: Cris Ramos

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