Monday, March 25, 2019

#Fordistas & #SocialEye

SFF fans have been familiar with #Fordistas for years now. The hashtag not only represents the arts & culture program by the same name, but it also represents you – the community. A quick scroll through the hashtag’s history on Instagram or Twitter gives a nice walk down memory lane and all the great people we’ve interacted with over the past few years.

That’s why for this year’s Art Basel and Miami Art Week,  it made perfect sense to partner with, a new interactive mobile Instagram feed that curates the best trending content from a user’s area. #SocialEye and #Fordistas photos streamed all week long on the mobile site. Even cooler, the Fordistas gallery was lucky enough to have a special monitor installed where folks could keep up with the feed in real time. It was a kick seeing people watch their photos pop up right where they snapped them!

With the overwhelming number of things to do and see during Miami Art Week, it was nice to know that we could always check our little cheat sheet on SocialEye and drop in on our Fordistas artists around the city and see what they were up to. We’re excited to see what the future holds for Social Eye. We’re sure Fordistas will be a part of it.

Follow @SoFlaFord #Fordistas on Instagram & check out of the Art Basel action from last week.

And Follow @SocialEye for more.

SocialEye monitor at Fordistas Gallery

Fordistas feed on SocialEye

Fordistas feed on SocialEye


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