Sunday, May 19, 2019


As the third installment of 2014’s Fordistas Residency program approaches, Puerto Rican artist Juan Fernandez Rivera, or JUFE, invites us to a world we’re all too familiar with: Emoji.

In his latest exhibition, ‘Newspeak’, sets out to explore the short-form language that is rapidly redefining how we communicate. Drawing inspiration from the fictional short-form language in George Orwell’s novel 1984, JUFE’s ‘Newspeak’ focuses on Emoji’s ability to express universal emotion through imagery rather than syllables. JUFE’s hope is that each piece will invoke the very essence of Emoji: a familiar understanding that requires no translation.

JUFE’s exhibition will be showing at the YoAmo305 gallery in Wynwood this Saturday during Art Walk. Or you can get an exclusive sneak peek this Thursday, 5/8 at 7 pm during Collector’s Night.

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