Thursday, June 20, 2019


As I’ve entered the world of start-ups, small businesses and entrepreneurship, one thing stands clear … generation Y is taking over! Could be something in the water, a new trend to hop on board the train with or pure craving to do something different, but the more I put myself and my business out there, the more I find others grabbing “Do What You Love” and running with it like a race against time.

Meet Hanna Bustos, a co-worker from my past lifein the corporate world and now co-visionary, creative, inspirational friend in my current DWYL world. As the creator and founder of The Wonderful Shop & Co., this self-named “mompreneur” of 2 spunky little boys had a vision to bring herself happiness in getting her creative juices out into the world and bring joy to her little boys who are all about their mom’s craftiness.

Based out of Miami, The Wonderful Shop & Co. is an online store that specializes in custom hand-made pocket tees, bows and mouse ears. Yes – mouse ears! WS&Co. has become a go-to for Disney lovers, due to Hanna’s ability to create the perfect matching sets for the whole family using a variety of Disney themes. But she doesn’t stop there, Game of Thrones fans, bride squads, and birthday party goers are just a few of the other groups that Hanna has dressed to impress with her new line of graphic tees. Some of her other popular picks, currently taking residence on my fiancé, use non-themed patterns like polka-dots, anchors and geometric shapes for the everyday use. Today’s choice … navy blue v neck with a grey anchor pocket!

“The shop was born on a family trip. I made us matching tees for each day. It was fun and my boys loved that we all matched,” said Hanna. “It added that extra spark to our trip and we had various people ask us where we had purchased our tees! I felt in my heart it was time to start something new.”

Just recently, WS&Co. collaborated with @thecreativeheartstudio & @jdmagency for their limited edition Epcot’s International Food & Wine Festival tee. This unique design features the spaceship earth and a patch that includes the staples we all know and love from the festival. They’re offering pre-sales on these hot commodities until August 6th – so be quick before they’re gone!

“Our tees & accessories are memory makers,” said Hanna. And she’s absolutely right. I can’t wait to see what else this mompreneur has up her sleeve. But I know I’ll be following her every move! … in the social media kind of way.

Keep up with all of her designs @thewonderfulshopco and browse her 5 star rated Etsy shop at to pick your favorite tees and accessories! And as WS&Co. never lets us forget, “always believe something wonderful is about to happen…”


Words by: Diana Quadreny, Miami Interior Desiner & Stylist. Explore her work & services at and follow along @thequadd_interiors


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