Sunday, May 19, 2019

The closing of Fordistas 8 featuring Brian Butler’s solo exhibition Get Lost was a huge success as thousands of people hit the astroturf for some putt-putt partying throughout the night. The series inspired by years of getting lost on the back roads of America transported the gallery patrons through a world of weird and showed that nobody is too cool for mini-golf.

While the streets of Wynwood can become chaotic and even a little intimidating for an art walk newcomer, the Fordistas gallery has developed the reputation of being an oasis among the madness. It achieves a very difficult balance of appealing to dedicated art lovers as well as families. Butler’s exhibition was the perfect example of this.

He created a magical world of golf monsters, mythical ice cream men and a playable mini-golf hole that appealed to every child that walked in the doors. At the same time, the quality of his work, his reputation as an artist, and his talent lent an undeniable credibility to the exhibition. Combined with  a special performance by Krisp, one of the hottest bands in Miami, Get Lost helped people find the best place to be during a Wynwood Art Walk – the Fordistas gallery.



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