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Fordistas 13: Headlights by Yuri Tuma

fordistas13EVITEThis Saturday August 10th, 2013 South Florida Ford brings you Fordistas 13: Headlights by Yuri Tuma at Product/81 Gallery in Wynwood. We couldn’t be more excited to introduce you to the newest member of the Fordista family, Yuri Tuma.  Tuma is a Brazilian artist based in South Florida, who specializes in creating kaleidoscopic confections of our everyday life. Represented by the esteemed and rebellious Butter Gallery, Tuma is a South Florida treasure whose work speaks for itself. From Miami to New York and Shanghai, Tuma has brought his magic across the globe and is now back for a one-of-a-kind Fordista exhibition. Headlights marks the artists’ fifth solo exhibition where he presents a new body of work developed exclusively for Fordistas! With Ford automobiles as his muse, Tuma merges patterns, shapes, color, and lines to create a series of photographs inspired by the intricacies of design. Tuma sees our cars as sculptures in which he’s applied an architectural eye and mathematical brain to creating a series unique pieces that bring the concept of optical symmetry to life! We recently caught with Tuma for a quick Q&A to sheds light on the man behind the symmetry. Check out Fordistas.com for video content and more! We hope you’re as inspired as we are.

Q: How would you describe your work?

A: I like to call it applied photography, in the sense that I am painting an abstraction through photographs. It is immensely and strongly influenced by geometry, symmetry and architecture.

Q: There is a lot of geometry and mathematical language behind your creative process. Where you always a math junkie? How did you develop your formulas?

A: Receiving a C+ in Geometry hardly qualifies me as a math junkie. I was however, always triggered by its thought processes and the brain activity behind it. It also made my heart beat really fast, as if I was trying to reach the unknown. I enjoy exploring these feelings. My passion for symmetry and photography allowed me to explore this exact sensation in an abstract and personal way. Math for a long time has worked best without numbers and more as a concept. But as my work progresses, I am finding it harder to astray from some form of abstruse symbol system.

Q: Describe your inspiration for your first Fordistas exhibition.

A: When I walked into the Ford dealership to photograph the cars, I wasn’t really sure what I was going to do. But the moment I walked outside my eyes were blinded by the sun reflecting into this line up of Ford 150’s headlights and that is when I found the moment of clarity. The sun and sky’s reflections are major component in modern Architecture today, and it proved to be the same for me with the headlights. It was all a matter of perspective. I am very inspired by organic influences in manmade technology and design.

Q: How does this body of work differ from your previous work?

A: There is a piece from my previous exhibit at Butter Gallery, “Sym City”, where I went from one replicated image to two replicated images. It is not so much how it differs, but more of an expansion of a language. In this instance, I am emphasizing in color and dimensional differences with two variables instead of one.

Q: What are your three favorite places to shoot in South Florida?

A: Architecturally speaking: Miami’s Brickel Av., Downtown Miami and Downtown Ft. Lauderdale. But I also really enjoy spending a lot of time photographing nature in places like Anne Kolbi Nature Center, Oleta River Park or any beach. Nature is a very strong influencer to my work as it provides moments of inner clarity and gratitude.

Q: Do you like ice cream?

A: Oui Oui!


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    SFF, as always, bringing the community great and new things. Thank you. I will not be able to attend this Saturday night, as much as I would like to. Will be keeping my eyes open for other events in the future!

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