Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Ford Escape Routes – Behind the Scenes

One mansion for the stars, one for the crew, and one for the gear. When Ford’s primetime reality series Escape Routes passed through a quiet North Miami waterfront neighborhood a couple of weeks ago, it was a whirlwind of cameras, cords, catering and a fleet of Ford Escapes. Their brief stay marked week 4 of Escape Routes, the program based around the launch of the 2013 Ford Escape,  which airs Saturdays at 8pm on NBC. South Florida Ford dropped by the seriously swanky digs to catch a glimpse of what it it takes to run a  truly nomadic nationwide shoot.

The group of costumed contestants practicing their dance moves on the front steps of their palatial temporary home may have looked chaotic, but the guys behind the scenes are seasoned veterans in the reality show realm. Ford and its ad agency JWT Team Detroit enlisted the help of Profiles, the company responsible for producing The Amazing Race, for Escape Routes.

In the series, six teams selected from across the country compete in wild challenges for a chance at 100 grand and a 2013 Ford Escape. Viewers can follow along via social media, interact with contestants, and win prizes as well. During our visit, teams competed in a webcast dance-off judged by the writers of Champagne Living, Web City Girls and Cultist from the Miami New Times – three of South Florida’s most popular blogs.

After speaking to Florida natives Wilson & Sharon from the blue team, and Tara & Bre from the red team, we were blown away by the constant level of energy the stars have to maintain.  Wilson & Sharon gave us their bilingual thoughts on the day, which we didn’t bother subtitling because really, a man in a tutu needs no translation, while Tara & Bre backflipped into our hearts. Make no mistake, there are no introverts in the bunch and we were exhausted just looking at them.

Aside from the fact that the show is really entertaining, we gained an even greater appreciation when we saw how much hard work goes into every moment that airs on TV. Be sure to tune in to Escape Routes on NBC, or follow whats going on via #escaperoutes on Twitter.

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