Monday, March 25, 2019

FIND A FORD TIP #7: Know Your Location

We all know FindAFord clues require you to think outside the box, work in teams, and speak up. But among some of the best advantages to succeeding in the hunt is knowing your location.

Once our clues narrow you down to a general area, don’t sit tight waiting for the next one. Instead, use the time between the clues to your advantage and get to know the area — this is especially important if this is the first time you’ve ventured into the area in a while. Take a few minutes to drive around and become familiar with road names, landmarks and general stores. That way, once our clues start trickling in, you might be quicker to read in between the lines and get to the FindAFord hidden prize.

Stay tuned as we share more tips to successful FindAFord hunting. We’re one day closer to hiding FOUR brand new Fords all across South Florida. For updates, follow us on Twitter @soflaford #FindAFord

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