Monday, March 25, 2019

FIND A FORD TIP #5: Think Like A Kid

You hear it all time: “tap into your inner child.” But with the FindAFord stakes getting higher by the day, this tip might just be the edge you’ll need to drive off with a brand new Ford.

Throughout the FindAFord hunt, we’ve noticed kids are the first to spot the FindAFord cash box without even looking for it. That’s because they are wonderfully curious and constantly examining their surroundings.  So when looking for a FindAFord hidden prize, continue to think outside the box, while allowing your inner child to play, too. Chances are they’ll know the best hiding spot.

We’re getting close to more hidden cash and 4 BRAND new Ford’s all across South Florida. Follow us on Twitter @soflaford to stay up to date with the #FindAFord hunt.

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