Monday, March 25, 2019

FIND A FORD: The Hunt List (10/25)

Welcome to the FindAFord hunt. As we post official car clues throughout the day on Twitter feed, be sure to carefully read and complete all the tasks listed below to qualify to win #FindAFord. You can complete these in any order you’d like, but with the competition getting quicker and smarter, it is best to strategize and use your time wisely (remember, we can’t control closing times or traffic).

You will NOT be able to claim the brand new Ford unless you check off every item listed. That means you cannot wait to complete a task until after you find the Ford. If you have already completed some tasks from a previous hunt, be prepared to still share proof.

Most importantly, have fun. Good luck!


1.     Before we get to the fun stuff, make sure you meet all the requirements listed here: For instance, if you don’t have a valid drivers license, chances are you won’t be driving a new Ford.

2.     Subscribe to using the e-mail subscription form. Take a screenshot once completed. Keep it handy.

3.    Show us the love by following us on Instagram (@soflaford), Twitter  (@soflaford) and Facebook ( Must have all 3.*

4.     Subscribe to our Youtube channel @soflaford. Take a screenshot. Post it on Twitter and tag @soflaford / #findaford

5.     Go to Tamiami Ford and find out how many years ago they remodeled their showroom. DM us the answer. Take a selfie** inside the reception area. Post it on Twitter and tag @soflaford / #findaford

6.    Pick your favorite Ford on the lot and take a selfie next to it. Post it on Twitter and tag @soflaford / #findaford

7.     Find the bull in Tin City and ride it like a Ford. Post the selfie on Twitter and tag @soflaford / #findaford

8.    Visit the oldest house in Naples and take in all its charm. Take a selfie outside, post it on Twitter and tag @soflaford / #findaford

9.    The tortoises love living on the trail. Head to the historic Naples Preserve and take a selfie at the bench at the end of the boardwalk. Post it on Twitter and tag @soflaford / #findaford

10.   Find the panther at the Conservancy of Southwest Florida. Take a selfie and post it on Twitter and tag @soflaford / #findaford

11.  Find the sculpture in front of The Von Liebig Art Center. Take a selfie with it and post it on Twitter and tag @soflaford / #findaford. Now, head to our Facebook albums and find the sculpture. Our fordistas did when they headed west. Comment #findaford on the photo.

12.  London calling. Take a selfie in the London phone booth. No dragon slaying necessary.


 *  If you already do, then you’re ahead of the game. Kudos.

** By selfie, we mean we need to see your face. Whether you hold the camera yourself or pose for the photo, your face must be clearly visible. Not just your shoes or hands. No old photos.

If you’d like to print this, download the PDF here

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