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FIND A FORD 101: Play & Win

If you’re wondering what all the #FindAFord hype is about, read on.

If you’re wondering where the final #FindAFord hunt will take place this weekend, definitely read on.

A few months ago, the #FindAFord hunt began quietly all across South Florida. Every day, folks out and about enjoying their cities came across a blue box with a toy Ford on top. If they were curious enough, they’d open it and find $50 in cold hard cash for the taking. Even better? Instructions inside gave them a chance to pay it forward to Susan G Komen, Cystic Fibrosis or Autism Speaks. The instructions also provided a teaser of bigger things to come. And boy were they bigger.  South Florida Ford hid 4 brand new Fords all across South Florida. Finders keepers.

So whether you’ve been playing #FindAFord since the beginning or just catching wind of it, there is ONE more hunt this weekend. This is your last chance to #FindAFord.

Below is a full crash course on how to play and more importantly, how to WIN.

1. Who’s been playing?

Hundreds of South Floridians have put their skills to the test playing #FindAFord. So far, 3 lucky winners have found the keys to a brand new Ford. On our first hunt in Fort Lauderdale, our winner Jonathan teamed up with his sister Jesi to hunt for a brand new Ford Escape. When they found the secret package behind a parking space atop a parking garage in Downtown Fort Lauderdale, Jonathan handed over the keys to his sister as an early college graduation gift!

The next week, fiancé’s Jayron and Genesis took home the Ford Fusion after a hectic nighttime West Palm Beach hunt that came down to the wire. In another sweet gesture, Jayron proudly handed the keys to his fiancé.  And just this past weekend, the #FindAFord hunt saw its most intense hunt to date in Miami. Our winner Valerie unlocked the secret location in Tropical Park and found the keys to a brand new Ford Explorer.

These are real people playing and WINNING!


2. What do I have to do to win a Ford?!

Alright so first things first. Now that you know this is for real, here’s how to play #FindAFord:  follow us on Twitter @soflaford. Whether you’re active on Twitter or not, the #FindAFord hunt is reason enough to get your 140 characters or less ON. That’s because we use Twitter as our main #FindAFord hub and release the latest information and clues to our feed. To stay on top of the game, set up notifications to your smart phone and be the first to receive updates.

3. OK, now what?

As we get closer to the hunt, we’ll begin to release clues that hint at when and where the hunt will take place as well as what vehicle is up for grabs. For instance, this weekend the final #FindAFord hunt will take you West — somewhere between Naples and Fort Myers on Saturday, October 25.

Now, there are 2 categories of clues to be aware of — mission hunt list and the other secret location based.

4. Wait, what’s the “hunt list” all about?

The hunt list is a series of challenges you must meet to be eligible to win the brand new ford. This list is released at some point during the hunt day and involves completing tasks in the general area of the hunt. These tasks can include taking selfies at historical landmarks around the city or popular local favorites while sharing the photos on Twitter using our hashtag #FindAFord. Remember, it is important you follow the tasks carefully to qualify. You can’t claim the brand new Ford without completing all the tasks beforehand.

5.  Cool. What about the “car location” clues?

These are just a handful and our dispersed throughout the hunt day, usually when you’re still busy completing your hunt list. These clues are specifically designed to help you narrow down to the secret location. The point is to get you and closer and closer to the final destination.

6. So when I find the car I win, right?

Well, not exactly. See, what you’re looking for isn’t the brand new Ford. It’s a small package. Included in this package are careful instructions with your next step. At this point in the game, you’re the last hunter standing. But before you can claim your Ford, we need to make sure you’ve completed the hunt list successfully.

7. Pay it forward

The game is fun, but what makes it sweeter is the winners chance to pay it forward. Our winners have the opportunity to donate $1,500 to either Susan G Komen, Cystic Fibrosis or Autism Speaks on behalf of South Florida Ford.

8. Sounds awesome, but what are my chances?

#FindAFord is anyone’s game. So many of you have already come inches from the secret location.

It has been an amazing journey seeing both old and new South Florida Ford fans come out every weekend for their chance to win and drive a brand new Ford. We’re very proud of our line-up of cars and trucks and we’re happy to see so many of you go the extra mile to make them a part of your family. The smiles, never ending enthusiasm and camaraderie has made the #FindAFord hunt an incredible experience.

With the FINAL #FindAFord hunt this Saturday, we recommend you brush up on the best tips for playing #FindAFord:

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For full rules, terms and conditions, click here.

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