Sunday, May 19, 2019

El Hombrecito – Cultivating their own sound

A bilingual interview presented by Fordistas Cultural Correspondent, Pamela Wasabi

An organized jamming, a clean mess are some of the oxymora that give “El Hombrecito” (Little Man) their style. This Dominican Republic band has emerged with a new way of expression. When it comes to their music and spoken-word, anything is possible, even the combination of rock and bachata in the same song. The music accompanies the recitation of their poem/rap. It is not just a song.

Do not underestimate El Hombrecito. Hats off to this group that has rescued a forgotten art. Using one of the universal languages, beside love, they have landed in the heart of people and surprised many that would have never thought of picking up a poem.

Check out our conversation with all the members of “El Hombrecito” after their performance at CubaOcho marking their path with the first presentation in the United States. Their debut was presented by Unicaribe’s Department of Cultural Development.

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