Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Cuci Amador, “Festival Junkie” tackles SunFest

Cuci Amador is a Fordista Correspondent and one half of the Miami avante-dance duo Afrobeta. Not the Afro half. She recently hit Sunfest in West Palm Beach and wrote about her experiences for SFF Style.  

This past Friday, South Florida Ford invited my friend Maria and I to go to SunFest in West Palm Beach. Our mission: get free stuff, make friends, SEE PASSION PIT.

It was my first time going to the fest and I was surprised to find out that 2012 was it’s 30th year in existence!

That’s a great feat for any festival. Glastonbury celebrated it’s 40th anniversary the year we played in 2010 but has not run 100% consecutively (this year there’s no Glasto due to the Olympics in London).

But I digress-Not only did we get invited to the one festival in South Florida that I have never attended but also! we got to roll up there in the Edge.

We got there early enough to meet the hard-core fans. The ones who show up when its still daylight out, to take full advantage of the opening acts, fest food and inevitable booth swag. And our timeliness was rewarded with the acquaintance of some quirky, fun-loving characters.

We made our way through the crowds and swindled swag at every booth we came across. Then we reached the motherlode-The South Florida Ford spread. It was huge! Later we found out that SFF sponsors SunFest, so that explains the enormity of the display. It was like a mini-car show. And I like car shows.

So we slid into smooth leather seats of the highest end models of 2013. We oohed and aahed at the fancy rims and the dashboard displays. Maria and I reminisced about her first car. A stick-shift Ford Escort. She didn’t even know how to drive 5 speed back then-her sister had to drive it off the lot. The new Focus is the hotter older sister of that 90’s Escort.

Not to be outdone by the other booths, Ford had the fanciest game of all the booths we saw. No poor man’s Wheel of Fortune spin here: They had a casino-style virtual slot machine INSIDE the new Focus. Maria won CA$H! $10 bucks! I won a tote bag. But I also signed up to win a new car. Cross your fingers for me, they announce the winners later this summer.

By the time 9 pm rolled around we were primed and ready for the headliners: Passion Pit! I had seen them at Ultra and at the Fillmore when they toured for their debut album and was psyched to hear my fave tracks as well as tracks from their new album that drops in about a month. You can hear their new single that I heard live here. They were great! I definitely think they are sticking to their signature sound in a good way. And I’m innnto it!

In the afterglow of the show, we mused about all the other acts we missed-SunFest was a 4 day affair-but we were glad to add it to our list of well-loved fests.

SunFest? Check.

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