Monday, March 25, 2019


Game 5 Recap

Heat win!! Game 5 was over before it began. No disrespect to the Thunder, but this Miami Heat team was focused from day one. From the beginning of the season, LeBron James had a particular look in his face of determination; a look that would only break with a championship trophy in his hands. Game 5 was about that. –Experience prevails. Hard work and dedication prevails.  –Heat win…Heat win…heaven all mighty—Heat WIN!!

Playoff Run

The Heat completed their championship run last night and that began on a shortened season, six months ago on Christmas Day. They finished the season as the number 2 seed in the East, getting home court advantage throughout the East, until facing the Thunder team in the Finals. Our playoff run wasn’t easy. The Heat are the first team in NBA history to become champions after being down in 3 of their 4 playoff series. The Heat warmed up against the New York Knicks in the first round. They battled adversity in the Pacers series, with an injury to Bosh. They went the distance against their toughest opponent with the Boston Celtics, and were able to regroup after being pinned against the ropes. And finally, after an excruciating year waiting to return to the Finals, The Miami Heat are champions of the basketball world!

LeBron the Great

In a league history of legacies and dynasties, LeBron James will now be mentioned amongst the best to ever play. After 9 NBA seasons, LeBron rises and becomes LEBRON THE GREAT! The argument of who the greatest player of all time is silly in the first place. We should look at it in terms of eras, instead of ranking lists. This championship places LeBron with greatest group: Russell, Wilt, Kareem, Bird, Magic, and Jordan.

Final Thoughts:

As a fan this is amazing. It is as sweet of a championship as this city will ever experience. They deem us bandwagon fans, but I would argue that the American Airlines Arena was the loudest arena in basketball this playoffs. We showed up in style, yelled our hearts out and will now celebrate as a community. This championship is great for the Heat franchise. It’s wonderful for the city of Miami and the Heat Nation!

To the Oklahoma City Thunder team, thank you for an exciting NBA Finals. ‘Till we meet again.


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  1. notyourman June 23, 2012 at 3:42 am

    Great. What else is there to say. Oh yes, that’s right. Class and style. This team did not flaunt or taunt, they just did. I can only hope that some of the Pros and the youth of today can see and learn from the level of sportsmanship that was displayed in the playoffs by the Miami Heat

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