Thursday, June 20, 2019

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#Fordistas presents Franklin Sirman’s Directorial Debut at PAMM

It’s been nearly two years since Franklin Sirmans has been Director at Perez Art Museum Miami. Following a long curatorial career prior to his appointment, this summer we are privy to experiencing those talents with the long awaited Toba Khedoori exhibit. [...]

July 26, 2017 Arts & Culture


South Florida has found a new purpose for its oceanfront properties and beaches– music festivals. From Miami to West Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale, we’ve become a hub for hosting music events year round in varying styles and music genres. This [...]

April 26, 2017 Arts & Culture

GALT is coming: Music, Art and Objectivism

Dr. Mia Vassilev has played the piano since she was a young girl. It was never an option to do anything else in her mind. From conservatory school to college to her first career move with The New World Symphony, a [...]

February 9, 2017 Arts & Culture, Home Slider

Visual Inspiration: Vintage Carnival

Take a trip back in time with this week’s dose of visual inspiration. South Florida Fair’s vintage carnival appeal is giving us all the feels. [...]

January 19, 2017 Arts & Culture

Moving yourself forward: 3 core concepts from Miami’s Masters of Tomorrow Summit

I woke up early to read before the day. It will be a long one. On the reading list, Sam Harris’ Waking Up. I sip my coffee and flip the page while trying to remind myself that my sense of self [...]

December 5, 2016 Arts & Culture, featured, Home Slider, Local Happenings

When Form becomes Action: Experiencing Julio Le Parc’s first U.S. retrospective at PAMM

Dark space enveloped me. The only light was refracting off the mirrors hanging from the roof. Instinctively, my eyes want to find my face in the rows of reflective surfaces. Someone passes by me holding a large piece of wood [...]

November 29, 2016 Arts & Culture, featured, Home Slider, Local Happenings

Your #Fordistas Art Basel Guide Hack

With the end of November comes the rise of Miami’s most famous week of the year: Art Basel. If you’re inundated with guides for the week and wondering where to start, we’ve done the legwork for you. Enjoy Miami’s biggest [...]

November 29, 2016 Arts & Culture, featured, Local Happenings

Hispanic Party Jams

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month we’re breaking it down with some jams! Sit back, relax and enjoy some musica!   [...]

September 26, 2016 Arts & Culture, featured

The Pop-Up, a Fordistas art collection in benefit of Surfers Healing

You can feel your weight on the board. The water is cradling you and pulling you in different directions, until you begin to paddle. The ocean’s foam surrounds you as you pick up steam. You can taste the salt. In [...]

July 27, 2016 Arts & Culture, Local Happenings